The Silence

I love writing. I love it a lot. For over 6 years it has been this fantastical outpouring of creativity, self-development and growth. It has pushed me and kept me focused. It has taken me to places to where I thought I’d never go. It has been a Pandora’s Box of treasures and discovery of capabilities.

As you will have noticed, it has stopped. Well, it’s just been the blogging that has taken a long and overly dramatic pause. This has come with good reason. My fingers haven’t fallen off and my brain hasn’t oozed out of my earholes, and I do still write every day. Continue reading

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Great Danish Discoveries

One of the things that I love about travelling is arriving with no expectations, because the exploration and discovery that ensues always seems to blow my mind. Copenhagen was no different. I had a vague idea of scoffing my face with Danish pastries on the street and bumping into a person who possessed similar features to my nana, or who shared her maiden name; but it didn’t happen like that. I’d like to think that it was quaint and a little bit magical. Continue reading

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The Adventure from Berlin to Copenhagen

The next journey was one that I had keenly anticipated because of my heritage. I couldn’t possibly have gone as far north as Berlin, without inching my way across to Denmark; for the curiosity of my ancestor’s stomping ground and for fear of being walloped by my Nana, from beyond her grave. She was born a Hansen, adding some strong Scandinavian genetics to my DNA cocktail.

Although I knew barely a whisper of Nordic Knowledge, I do recall her saying that the only Danish she was subjected to, was hearing her father call her a ‘putsketter’, which she told me meant ‘a little sh*t.’Profanities aside, Mr Hansen’s culture was not filtered through to my generation; which was most probably due to my angelic qualities. Continue reading

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Why, Hello There Stranger…

Four months of silence and that is a Kamikaze pilot, in social media terms.

To begin with, I was consumed with other work. Then I slunk into the comfort of enjoying the break; away from writing, away from Facebook… just away. I relished in the quietness of resorting back to years gone by, released from the grasp of computer applications.

The routine of checking had been replaced with reintegration into the real world and my digits welcomed the vacation from constant scrolling. Suffice to say, I haven’t passed out from not being at one with my newsfeed.

I loved it, the peace – I still do.

That’s where my writing has been; hibernating, lying in wait for its time to resurface.

Until then, be kind to yourselves X

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I Heart Tuesdays – Uniquely You

If I had put a dollar into a jar for every time that I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror, the jar would be heavy. I would be harsh and tell myself that my foibles were gross imperfections and negative tones ate all of the space in my brain. I wore that solid coat… until I glimpsed at myself in a different light. Continue reading

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I Heart Tuesdays – One Thousand Post-it Notes in my Mind

My heart is singing a sweet tune that I have never heard before.  It’s mid-yeah and I feel like I’m on track for good things to come. I’m not sure what the song will sound like yet, but I know that I’m crafting something good. It’s an interesting experience to set goals early in the year and not ball them up and toss them at the bin – an anti-anti-New Year’s resolution, solution. The dream is too real to set aside. Continue reading

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I Heart Tuesdays – Revenge is Sweet?

I have a sweet tooth. You know the kind of sugary taste explosion that comes with a bite into a slice that oozes caramel, or the warmth that a well-executed butter cake brings with icing dribbling goodness. And don’t get me started on Whittaker’s creamy 5 rolled chocolate – one bite transports me to somewhere glorious.

I also love the sweet little moments in life. I can’t help but smile when I see an elderly couple strolling along a promenade, holding hands. Or when babies smile and giggle. Even watching the sunset, summer or winter, I’ll take that stunning moment and revel in it. Continue reading

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The Bears of Berlin

Berlin brought the best out in me. It was a city of exploration and discovery; with its gritty carcass of history exposing its bones, brushed over with bright colours. Every corner had an enticing nook, turning the pages of its illustrated story. The best way to read this place is definitely on foot.

I spent my days walking the city for hours like I was on some kind of creative pilgrimage. On the first, my Aussie roommate and I went in search of a local summer market. Crossing the Spree, the grungy bridge housed a worn red armchair with the markings of a piss stain that dribbled toward a large heart sketched on the girder, with the letters NZ inside. My shoulders relaxed at the thought of little bit of love for Kiwis, from across the other side of the globe. Continue reading

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I Heart Tuesdays – A Lesson in Finding Happiness

What makes you happy?

If you come up with a billion and one answers, or there about – Congratulations! I love it! If you’re struggling, let’s just start with one; because that is like grabbing the door handle in a darkened room and turning the knob. The light peeks in, and as you continue pushing the door, more brightness radiates upon you, and you glow from its warmth. Continue reading

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Finding my Place in Berlin

The plane touched down on a drizzly tarmac, where the vista of Berlin was barely seen beyond the rooftops surrounding Tegel Airport. I had to laugh, really, as Tegel is a brand of poultry products in NZ. I wondered what I would send on a postcard, back home. “I’ve just arrived at Tegel. Don’t worry… I haven’t gotten into chicken farming over here!” Continue reading

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