Gingas Get a Rough Deal

Gingas, Rangas, Ginge, Blood Nut, we’ve all been guilty of using a semi-derogatory term for a person of red-hairedness. It appears to be acceptable, because it’s not a race issue. It’s a hair issue. But is it OK?

The kid next door has flame hair. I remember the first time I saw him playing cricket with his dad and thinking ‘that poor kid’s gonna be perpetually sunburnt every summer and grow up to have Fanta Pants.’ Was this fair of me…. Nah, but the truth hurts.

I saw my cousin walking her sleeping daughter along the beach one day. I peeked into the pram, where the sunlight was streaming in. The baby didn’t have much hair, but I let her know that there was a tinge of ginge. The babe was quickly inspected, and discovered that the momentary patch of redness was due to extenuating factors of light refraction through the visor. This was concluded with a small sigh of relief.

So what gives with the anti-red locks? I mean, men with beards have even been known to pluck out those random strays of ginger strands. Are we really that hairiest?

And I’m concluding that yes, yes we really are. I’ve tested this completely scientific research* in a round of ‘Would you rather….?’ The question posed ‘Would you rather be a Ginga or have a permanent mullet?’ has always resulted in the answer ‘A permanent mullet.’

I’m a brunette. I don’t get called ‘brownie’ or ‘darkie’. Blondes have that whole dumb blonde stereo-type. Maybe I just want someone to start a hairiest comment about being brunette, just so I can shake my fist. Maybe my hair colour is way too common, like blood type ‘O’. There I go again. Now I’m starting to sound too common for my own good.

Come to think of it, red-heads also get stereo-typed. They’re supposed to be fiery. Or maybe they are just pissed at their Irish roots with dee-dill-dee-deeing leprechauns?
So how do we get past these hair-isms and all live as one big happy rainbow-haired family? Just call me Brownie and we’ll see…

*About 15-20 individuals have been tested. The tester may have been slightly intoxicated at the time of testing, but not in all cases. Sometimes the tester was fully intoxicated.

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One Response to Gingas Get a Rough Deal

  1. The One & Only - Mother!! says:

    Ohoh! Poor Jade! What’s in store for her or perhaps what’s in store for us (as she grows up)…..

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