Being in a Relationship with Food

As I sit at the breakfast table, I smile knowing that:

a). The sun is warming me with its winter rays.

b). I’m still in my candy-striped PJ’s, snugly dressing gown and fluffy slippers.

c). The solid gold hits radio station is providing the happy soundtrack to my morning.

d). I have just devoured some scrambled eggs on toast (made with cream), and a stove top made milky hot chocolate.

Yesterday I discovered a couple of things:

a).  The deliciousness of warmed pita bread stuffed with blue vein cheese, crushed pistachio nuts and drizzled with honey, while having my weekly lunch date with my mama.

b). Accidently sharing a fabulous looking date and nut torte with a good friend, halves the guilty factor (if it even exists. I did go for a run that morning).

c). Turkish iskenders come with a mountain of sauces.

d). Food tastes better when you are in the company of people close to you.

Once again, I am reminded that I love food and it loves me. Over the past couple of years, I have become more adventurous than the fussy child version of myself. I’m trying things that look and sound interesting. But I still have the power of vetoing completely hideous stuff.

Here is a list of food that I think is completely worth salivating over:

–          Meat and cheese together. I could never be Jewish nor a Vegetarian. I am a meat plus more meat-atarian.

–          Bacon sizzling away in the pan and creating a Homer drool and sound effect.

–          A big fat hot homemade lasagne on a winter’s night.

–          A freshly homemade pot of chicken and vegetable soup with bread still warm from the bread maker. The loaf just peels back aroma, and allows butter to glide over its soft doughy flesh.

–          Roast beef, lamb or chicken with potatoes that are soft and squishy in the centre and have those brown bits on the outside that have been stuck to the roasting pan. Then homemade gravy made with those juices from the pan and the bits of leftover potato that got stuck to the bottom of the pan, floating around like boats on the ‘SS Get in My Belly’.

–          Fresh white bread or warm croissants that are so soft that you squash them down by smothering them with butter and jam.

–          White toast with melted butter and just a smidgen of Marmite.

–          Shabu shabu from my favourite shabu shabu restaurant in Wonju Si, South Korea. I honestly think about this royal feast and want to buy a plane ticket back just for a taste. It is that good.

–          Chips and dips. Especially when you discover that with salty fingers that you have in fact eaten the whole bag of chips.

–          The right sweet food to hit the spot of your exact craving. Chocolate for chocolate craving, apple crumble with custard and ice cream for apple crumble with custard and ice cream craving. You get my delicious drift.

–          Cheese and crackers and nibbly bits in an anti-pasto kind of way.

–          An abundance of berries in the summer. On cereal, in smoothies, in salads, in mouth.

–          The first feijoa or mandarin of the season. You’ve been waiting a while and bam, you have far too much to cope with and hives from pigging out.

–          Fresh herbs and veges from the garden, that taste even better when you raised them yourself.

–          Baking cookies and cakes and licking the bowl and any utensils that have come in contact with the raw mix. Then being able to sink your teeth into a still warm cookie fresh from the oven.

–          A tub of ice cream that has been bought home from the supermarket, then sits on the bench for a while to melt away at the sides. Those melty bits are just so creamy, foamy and mmm mmm mmmmy.

–          A decent pizza, gourmet burger, or even fish n chips wrapped in greasy newspaper.

–          A nice cold drink of choice on a hot day.

–          Marinated BBQ ribs….. Marinated anything. Marinate, mmmarinate, mmmmmmm.

Salivation has begun, lips are currently being licked, and I am still in pyjamas conjuring up images of food worthy of making me sigh, dream and generally make my tummy pretend it’s not full.. Hello lunchtime…

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One Response to Being in a Relationship with Food

  1. Katrina says:

    This reminds me of the quote “Life’s too short to eat bad food!”

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