From the Brain of NJ

Today, we are delving into the exciting world of my thoughts. This is scary for a lot of people who actually know me. I reckon they are scared of the awesomeness of my thinking and this is really plain riveting stuff that you should know…

Today is ‘Random Acts of Kindness Day.’ I have a problem with this. Making a specific day for random acts of anything defeats the purpose of being so random.

My flatmate mantra of ‘hot guy’s drive utes’ theory was proven this morning as I shovelled another spoonful of cereal into my mouth.

It’s the first day of spring, and it’s sunny. I can justifiably frolic.

If I was British, I would be sunbathing in this temperature right now.

Wohoo! I just did a job I’d been putting off for ages, and now I feel fabulous and can’t stop smiling.

The lawns need mowing. But they look so lush and green, like a vibrant 70’s shag pile carpet. Who would want to cut that and ruin its growing mojo?

Tricking yourself into thinking you’re not tired, is like pretending that you are seriously interested in politics… Yawn.

My flatmate’s brownie mysteriously disappeared from its clever ‘Eat me!’ positioning on the kitchen bench. How did that happen?

If I went up to someone in the street today and did the Chewbacca noise in a kind way, would that be considered a random act of kindness?

Finds it hilarious that I could hear my best friend’s daughter screaming like she is auditioning for Metallica during her tantrum, while we were having a Skype conversation. It’s hilarious, because she is not my daughter.

David Guetta’s song is playing on the radio, and all I can think about is dodgy dancing flashbacks from in a bar a few months ago, while I shake my head.

Wasn’t actually sure if it was David Guetta on the radio playing, but is stoked that that the DJ confirmed my hunch.

That guy looked like a shark while he was driving past.

A lady that just walked past picked at her teeth and sniffed at the treasure she found. She is unaware that I saw this and that I was disturbed by it. Maybe I should’ve popped my head out the window and kindly told her that it was disturbing.

Now I am thinking I should sell my random acts of kindness ideas to people who are stuck for ideas.

And there you have it, a morning’s worth of thoughts. A totally pointless read, but just a little bit fabulous.

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I'm NJ, and my life motto is to maintain happiness and be true to myself. I love to write, travel, laugh out loud, and be awesome! I believe in making my dreams come true, and using my life experiences to help other people. Check out what I'm up to, here:
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