Seagulls are Greedy

Daylight savings meant that beach volleyball season had started and a celebratory pre-game beach BBQ was on the cards, for round two. Saussies, bread, sauce, onions, beer and tongs were packed. You know all the important stuff, as we headed off down to the dunes.

Crack, sizzle, dink… The beers were opened, the onions and sausages put on the barbie and the tongs were doing their job.

Giggle, cackle, snort… The stories were being told and the guys driving past were being sneakily perved at.

We plotted potential sausage sizzle sales, impending weekly BBQ’s and commented on the fact that next time, we’d have to get a grill facing the road. There was a lot of talent to look at.

Two married gulls perched on a sign post. The wife was talking her husband’s ear off as he twitched every time she told an exciting part of the story.

“They look like Siamese gulls. Imagine if they were duct-taped together.”*

An un-eaten sausage end was tossed out to the gulls. One got in there first & deep throated it. It was full on public gull porn, as another one tried to chime in on the treat.

The meat lodged itself in its throat like a python after engulfing a rabbit. It shied away from the others’ it was clearly embarrassed by its sudden misfortune. The background music was laughter. We were so amazed, that our laughter came out with snorts.
Greedy Gull continued to move away from the others. He found it hard to fly.  It must’ve still been learning how to fly with extra meat scarf. It sat out of reach bobbing its head from side to side, trying to work the meat-bung down its oesophagus. Meaty treat wasn’t moving fast, as Greedy’s distressed eyes went back and forth on its waggling head.

We packed up and left, wondering if Greedy was ever going to succeed. It purely had a case of having eyes bigger than its stomach, or in this case…food tube. Curiosity killed the cat, but gluttony may have killed the gull.

*Now for those of you who know me well, you would think I had made the duct tape comment. It actually wasn’t, and I am severely jealous that this random thought came out of someone else’s awesome mouth. I did however laugh my arse off.

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