Find Your Passion

“Have you tried this chocolate fudge cake?” asked the lady from the table across.

“It’s beautiful,” she continued.

I agreed that it looked amazing, but I only had her last bite-sized portion to go by as evidence; and that was from afar. She had absolutely dealt to the fudgy treat and was in the process of telling me about how amazing the cake, sandwich, coffee and the decor in this new café is. She had recently spotted well-known retired judges there not once but three times upon the opening of the café’s doors a month ago. She was passionate about cake, coffee and cafés. As soon as she finished and personally thanked the staff, she toddled off without saying goodbye.

My sister is enthusiastic about baking and decorating what can only be described as deliciously decadent cakes. This is undoubtedly reflected in the love that is poured into the finished products. Her 5 year old son is obsessed with toy cars. He claims to have hundreds of thousands, has a penchant for Hot Wheels over Matchbox and will fall asleep with at least one car tucked in the safety of each hand.

The neighbourhood granny from over the road is passionate about purple. She ventures off on her daily jaunt to the supermarket wearing a long-sleeved lilac top paired with a lavender vest and plum pants to accompany her faded purple rinse. The roaming dog is dedicated to depositing in our backyard, the gulls go nuts over leftover greasy chips and the house across the road always has a perfectly manicured lawn.

I have a passion for creative writing, beach walking, losing myself in good music, losing myself in random ideas, laughing uncontrollably to the point that no sound comes out and acquiring fabulous heels. I dream of going to New York City and creatively writing whilst wearing aforementioned shoes and most probably unleashing said laugh that really is distinctly my own. I plan to turn my dream into memories I share.

So take a moment to sink your teeth into whatever floats your boat and proudly wear your passion on your sleeve. Unless of course it involves nudity in which case you’d have no sleeves and probably have to tattoo it on your arm.

Find your passion
Seize the day
Make the moment
You’ll be underway

Excerpt from ‘Passion’; by one of my favourite Kiwi bands, Trinity Roots.

This blog is dedicated to my older brother. My only wish was that he could grab hold of his passion and enjoy the ride.

 Sadly he lost his way. RIP x

About stuffnjsays

I'm NJ, and my life motto is to maintain happiness and be true to myself. I love to write, travel, laugh out loud, and be awesome! I believe in making my dreams come true, and using my life experiences to help other people. Check out what I'm up to, here:
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4 Responses to Find Your Passion

  1. britt x says:

    please get to ny nj, that place is MADE for you. i’ll be wildly jealous, too! i’d LOVE to get back there. i promise it will blow your mind x x x

  2. I just love this post — it’s so true! It’s just so fantastic and magical to see people, especially our loved ones, vibrantly light up when they talk about their passion or engage in it. Thanks for reminding me of this and for sharing your thoughts here!

  3. stuffnjsays says:

    Thanks BSF 🙂 It’s amazing how alive people become when sharing their passion and you can’t help but get caught up in the moment.

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