Little Everyday Stuff that is Awesome

Sometimes it feels a bit like a wake up rinse and repeat kinda life; like Bill Murray is actually you, in Groundhog Day. I’m not a fan of sausage factory life and I don’t like getting sucked into a sausage factory way of life thinking, where it all seems so mundane and rat racey. It actually makes me cringe and shudder and occasionally say “Arghhhhh” out loud (and not in the shiver me timbers bad ass pirate kind of way). So I devised a plan, to pick out individual sausages off the conveyer belt and remind myself of why they taste so good.

Here’s my list of everyday stuff that makes me smile:

When my electronic toothbrush is fully charged and ready to fight plaque with extreme force, so I go all out and floss and use mouthwash as well. Then afterwards I feel like my mouth is the Superman of dental hygiene.

Starting the morning with a good workout because I feel like I’ve really achieved something amazing (which I have), and it’s not even 9am yet. Hello endorphins!

Remembering a crazy dream from the night before, randomly later on in the day and laughing at how such a weird sequence of events plants itself in my mind.

Having a great meal and appreciating it. I’m totally loving my breakfasts at the moment – tasty cereal topped with berries and pomegranate along with a cup of green tea.

Listening to some awesome tunes that help me; think, smile or dance like it’s going out of fashion. I really dig for picking out genres I’m in the mood for and listening to pre-made playlists.

When I have a great writing mojo going and I ride the wave of ideas flowing and my fingers are typing fast enough to keep up.

When people like my blogs.

Receiving personal emails, texts, facebook messages or phone calls.

Getting lost in a spot of daydreaming.

Getting away with walking around the house in my underwear or in the nudie rudie, when nobody else is at home.

Letting loose with a bit of laughter. And if nothing crops up, I jump on youtube for a moment of madness.

Looking forward to planned activities, like tonight I have beach volleyball and tomorrow night is touch rugby.

Smiling at myself in the mirror, just because I am awesome.

A total clean day which usually involves one of those long showers that you just need to sit down for. Hair washed, face exfoliated, legs shaved, body scrubbed and then… clean sheets and clean pjs! Now that’s squeaky clean!

And sometimes I like to think of a highlight of the day. It helps to keep me in check and really appreciate that every morning I am lucky enough to open my eyes and experience a brand new day.

What everyday stuff do you find awesome?

About stuffnjsays

I'm NJ, and my life motto is to maintain happiness and be true to myself. I love to write, travel, laugh out loud, and be awesome! I believe in making my dreams come true, and using my life experiences to help other people. Check out what I'm up to, here:
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2 Responses to Little Everyday Stuff that is Awesome

  1. shrinkmuch says:

    Totally dig your blog 🙂

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