Awkward Moments of My Life 2 – Accidentally Double Booking on My Friend’s Wedding Day *Face Palm

I never thought I would write another blog about my ability to be inept (yeah right)… OK, so I never thought I’d write another ‘awkward moments’ blog so close to the last one, it has been a couple of months… but this morning, it happened. Another laughable account at my incompetency, this time it is the friend edition.

I had planned with a good friend of mine to go to the Wellington Sevens next year, knowing that it would be a weekend of costuming-wearing fun, excessive alcohol consumption and occasionally being distracted by watching the rugby games. I know the gist of it all, I’d been to the Hong Kong Sevens twice; one year as a pirate wench, the next year as a doll in a box – both times with ridiculously good memories.

But for the life of me and all of the years that I had lived in Wellington, I had never made it to the Sevens, even though it was on my doorstep (funny how that happens). Mr T would go along and have a wicked weekend. The first time he went was while we were still at uni in Hamilton. He came back saying “Babe, you’d love it! There’s a guy who looks like Colonel Sanders and the whole crowd points and chants ‘Colonel! Colonel! Colonel!’”

So when the opportunity came up to go with someone willing to spend a weekend dressed up with me and indulge in waaaaayyyy too many beers, I took it. I pre-registered with the online ticketing company, I’d made a calendar alert in my phone, I sat at the ready this morning with my bowl of cereal in one hand and credit card in the other, I even pre-stretched my mouse-clicking fingers in hope of securing some tickets as they are to say the least, bloody hard to come by.

And then I got them! Two tickets in the party zone! I was so excited that I accidentally punched the glass door amid my whoops and cheers (only my knuckles were damaged). I text my friend straight away and let my realm of facebook family know of my great success.

By late morning there was a response from one of my groomsmen “So take you off our wedding list?”

My heart stopped, my stomach dropped off a cliff and I nearly publically said the eff word in front of impressionable young cherubs from my seat at the café.

I text my Sevens supporter straight away, ‘Faaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!’ and other profanities and let her know what was going on. How could I be so stupid? Double booking on my groomsman’s wedding day for crying out loud! My stomach still churns as I type this. She was surprisingly supportive; optimistic in knowing that she could find someone to take along with her and calling me a well-deserved ‘dork’.

So here I sit and sigh and write a blog about my laughable self… there is a silver lining on every double-booked cloud. I know that Mr T would be looking down shaking his head, cracking up at me and telling me not to worry about it, I know that my groomsman and his fiancé will forgive me for my faux pas and that my Sevens Sister will go forth and have a fabulous time!

Have you ever done anything as awkward as this in a rash moment of excitement?

Me & Mr T AKA Betty Doll & Darth Vader, at our last Sevens together.

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2 Responses to Awkward Moments of My Life 2 – Accidentally Double Booking on My Friend’s Wedding Day *Face Palm

  1. Yes. But I’d rather comment on the pic of your costumes. AWESOME!

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