My Weekly Indulgence

Have you noticed how deliciously awesome it is to wear something fabulous and pop down to your local favourite cafe for a coffee for one? Cue the flounce, the sashay, the head held high and the smile! Dripping with fabulousness; people watching, magazine flicking and relaxing.

I take my notebook and write, in the old school nostalgic kind of way. But if I really must, I bring along my pretentious iPad and put on my fancy pants and look like I’m writing spectacular magazine columns or something. Right now I’m tapping away to my heart’s content, this is a very important blog.

The change of scene is great, without the distraction of laughing at midday golfers caught out by the random sprinkler system (one day I will gallivant across that green giggling and join the forlorn putter possessors). The smell of coffee slinks up my nose and nestles, making me feel warm and loved.

This is my weekly indulgence, a trip to one of my favourite cafes; to sit and write and listen and be. The whir of the beans being ground, the clack clack of the grounds being released, the shir of the milk being frothed, the hum of the espresso machine…

This keeps me somewhat sane, keeps me real and my treat of a freshly poured soy mocha is only around $5. This week it was justified by my 5:30am alarm reminding me that I was finally partaking in one of my bucket list items; watching the sunrise and sunset from a mountain, in the same day. Considering I have been awake for 3 hours already, a caffeine fix is more than justified right now.

That’s the other beauty of this jaunt, coffee is not part of my regular routine. I’ve cut back dramatically from the stressful job I was in, drinking at least 2 cups of joe per day. Which in turn affected my ability to sleep and coffee became a much needed staple.

But I digress… typing away seated in an old primary school chair, experiencing food envy whenever a dish comes out from the kitchen (I am way too full from my sensible breakfast). I admire a 1950’s meets 21st century dress with a heels and belt combo; a married couple on a brunch date… love. Wistfully I stare at the baby club; the mums are fit, skinny and tanned around here. I’m overhearing oohs and ahhhhs, the toddlers are clearly still at that eternally adorable stage. One gets more praise than the other. What do you say to a little less cute child? The ranks of attractive hierarchy have already being formed. The two tots gawk at each other, unfamiliar; pulling faces and trying to work each other out.

I keep sipping away until the bubbles of froth slide down the mug and I hope that I haven’t got dark lines of cocoa to mark the corners of my mouth. So I use the napkin and scrape harshly, spreading Victoria’s Secret bliss across my face. It’s sometimes tricky to look fab when you’re clearly a messy eater. I’ve learnt to work it and own that title!

My weekly indulgence has proven to be just the ticket with a hint of right place, right time. Makes me feel rejuvenated and ready to put on my superwoman cape and take on the world once again!

What’s your awesome self-treat?

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I'm NJ, and my life motto is to maintain happiness and be true to myself. I love to write, travel, laugh out loud, and be awesome! I believe in making my dreams come true, and using my life experiences to help other people. Check out what I'm up to, here:
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4 Responses to My Weekly Indulgence

  1. strawberryquicksand says:

    That sounds like some awesome “you” time. 🙂 I love going on a road trip by myself. I have a friend who is a seven hour drive away so if I get a few days off work I will head up there. The drive relaxes me. I can eat what I want (well, bags of snackies, punnets of strawberries, malteesers, a bacon and brie sandwich packed to be eaten on my journey), listen to what I want (long live my Violent Femmes and 80s CD collection, and my new FUN album) and take my sweet-arse time to get there, stopping at the occasional long drop for a loo break or when I see something interesting in one of the small towns I pass through. Before I moved 18 hours south of where I was, I used to pass through a small town with a very famous (in it’s part of the world, anyway) pie shop where I would stop and get a crocodile pie. Literally. They made pies out of anything there! Yep, those are the days.

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