Sometimes I Just Don’t Understand

Upon hearing the news of Adam Strange becoming a fatal victim of a shark attack two weeks ago, I was naturally upset. I understood the debilitating pain of losing someone to such an unfortunate incident and I genuinely felt sadness for his family and friends.

This week an American ‘comedian’ Anthony Jeselnik performed a skit to a live Comedy Central audience. I watch the clip, not believing the New Zealand headlines reading ‘Mock’ and ‘Shark Victim’. Throughout his routine he is entertaining the laughing crowd with shark costumed back-up dancers, all the while poking fun at the recently deceased and even including an enlarged image of what looks like it could be the front page of Adam’s funeral booklet.

I don’t understand.

I winced, unable to comprehend that a human being could possibly be so indecently insensitive by using a public platform to propel his name as a comedian forward. Then I felt angry that he was allowed to do this and that he had allowed himself to do this. How can there be such callous people in the world when perfectly decent human beings have had their own lives cut short?

I don’t understand.

I read the comments following the news articles, an opportunity for people to put in their two cents from behind the keyboard. Some are livid at his insensitivity; some say that we (as Kiwis) wouldn’t do such a thing to them (Americans), citing compassion during devastating hurricanes and the destruction of the twin towers; some blame all Americans as a whole for this poor taste in ‘humour’; and others have said that his show is titled The Jeselnik Offensive, which purports to him intending to offend and that if we don’t like it, then we shouldn’t watch it.

I don’t understand.

I don’t understand how someone’s penchant for being offensive is an excuse for their behaviour.
I don’t understand how ‘freedom of speech’ warrants merciless words and actions.
I don’t understand how people can accuse a whole country, when we are all individuals that make choices.
But what I really don’t understand is how this has happened in the first place? How a person has decided that it is ok to inherently be so cruel.

Where is the compassion? Where is the empathy? Where is the respect for others’ and yourself?

A widow weeps. A child wonders where her daddy has gone. A family mourns. Friends suffer in disbelief. A community hangs their heads down low.
This I do understand.

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7 Responses to Sometimes I Just Don’t Understand

  1. strawberryquicksand says:

    I was actually quite shocked to read your post. I can’t believe that someone could try find humour in someone dying of a shark attack. Years ago, I lived on a canal on the Gold Coast. The house backed right onto the water so we could walk out the back yard and go swimming. Only I didn’t swim. My ex boyfriend lived in that house for many years afterwards as his parents owned it. He had friends over one night, and they decided to a park just up the road, and go for a swim as the canal was right next to the park. Well, my ex’s best mate got killed by a shark. That was really sad and my ex was, and still is, in mourning for his best mate.

    However, two weeks later an elderly man got killed by a shark in the same waters. This, however, while still sad, illustrates human stupidity and stubbornness. Not long before he perished, the elderly man had uttered “No shark is going to stop me from going for my morning swim. I’ve been having a morning swim in this canal for the last fifty years”. Famous last words, literally. While the second incident might exercise a little black humour when the first incident is brought into play, it is still a sensitive issue and NOT one that any comedian should be poking fun at.

    I don’t know the comedian you are mentioning in your blog, but I hope that he never comes to Canberra!!!!!

  2. Sometimes, I am embarrassed to be an American..and a lot of times I am embarrassed to be a human. The callousness of this comedian is appalling and the family of Adam Strange is definitely owed an apology. Please accept my condolences on your country’s loss and to his family!

  3. Miriam says:

    I so agree with your words. Cruel ness is just that no matter what you wrap it up in.

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