Scotland, Upon my Return

I have been slacker than a pair of trousers when it has come to updating my travels. It has been a combination of finding the time because I am with friends or I’m discovering new things. I’m probably around five weeks behind… naughty, naughty NJ! Let the catch up begin!


After The States, Scotland had come as a much welcome reprieve. I met my Scottish best friend (SBF) and daughter at Edinburgh airport, with SBF’s very own Scottish best friend. We stood waiting for my luggage, just grinning, happy to be in each other’s actual presence breathing in the same air and not just virtually. I told them that early Tuesday evening was a good time to be flying in because of the masses of suave looking men in their suits. Stealth airport perving.


SBF lives in the kind of town where the greying churches bleed into the greying skies. A place famed for the birth of Andrew Carnegie; where cobbled streets could inflict wounds on a pair of heels and where Jeremy Kyle could find new guests for his next show. The perfect retreat for my sleepless, hungover from USA self.


It was five nights of much needed rest. We ran errands, popped off on little day trips to bitterly cold towns like Kirkcaldy, where hearty vegetable soup managed to kick start the blood circulation again. It was soul-soothing chinwags cradling cups of tea, afternoon whiskeys that started laugh marathons, a night out dancing in a young people’s club filled with geriatrics, steak bridies in the park and Irn Bru to put hairs on our chests. It was that little slice of perfect companionship that only a best friend can fill the void, while plugging in my cord and recharging the batteries.


There were of course teeny flip out moments that appeared huge at the time, where I really needed to calm my farm. Things I needed to do, like book my accommodation in Italy that SBF helped me with when my gut instinct was too busy with nerves to kick in. But you know how it is… it all works out in the end.


So for those of you who have been waiting patiently, the next leg of the journey is about to begin; where I head to Italia on my own to seek employment in a foreign-speaking country. I promise I will post it up soon.


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  1. Di Leach says:

    I’m enjoying your writing xxxxx

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