Kooky Cat Stories

I may have become a ‘Crazy Cat Lady’. As much as I have purported to dislike cats, I actually grew up with some very loving ones; including Henry who was my alarm clock for school when he would come into my room and bite my ankles.

At my ‘home’ in Conil there were two rescue cats, Negrito and Kitty; who may have just unlocked a little door to the soft spot of my heart. To start with they have this weird ‘are they husband and wife or are they brother and sister?’ relationship. Some days they were curled up in each other’s arms, spooning on a chair, sometimes they were taking turns to bathe each other, sometimes one bopped the other one on the head as it slept, and sometimes they were wrestling together pulling boot to the head moves.

Both Negrito and Kitty can claim that they are so hungry, that they haven’t eaten in years. They will leave fur all over your freshly made bed, or snuggle into you at weird places. I did video Kitty, who one day while I was lying on the lawn writing, decided to sit in the small of my back. She got really comfortable and started licking my singlet clean, until the roughness of her tongue got stuck. Afterwards, my back smelt like cat a**hole. But I guess that’s what happens with feline love.

While I was house-sitting, Negrito and Kitty took quite a shine to me. One night I was writing and Negrito miaowed to go out. I got up, opened the door and shut it again. Just as I had sat down, he begged to come back in. This process was repeated several times until I wondered whether he was possessed.

Probably the kookiest of my cat-scapades, was when I wrote this down in my travel diary, after letting them in from their incessant yelling at the downstairs door before 7am:

Cats: Oh, you’re awake… we’ll just follow you in to the loo. One of us might actually try to sit in your lap while you’re peeing. Oh, you’re going back to bed. We will come and join you, miaowing out of hunger. Oh, you’re ignoring us. One of us will stand on your throat in what we like to call the ‘can you speak now, hoomin?’ Then scrape its claw on my one sunburned nipple (yep, just the one). Then we will gain your attention by trying to knock stuff off the bedside table, followed by one of us clawing its way around under the freshly vacuumed bed, while the other leaves the room to repeatedly run at full speed, jump across the top of the bed and do flying ninja moves to play fight with the other. Nope, you cannot get a video, hoomin, we are too fast and it’s dark. Oh, you’re up. Might as well feed us!

Soon enough, I found myself liking these little critters and actually posting pictures of them on my Facebook page. Seriously. I can now tolerate felines better and have been seen to hug and pat them, and give a damn good chin scratch; even though I am apparently allergic to them. Cat love reinstated.

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I'm NJ, and my life motto is to maintain happiness and be true to myself. I love to write, travel, laugh out loud, and be awesome! I believe in making my dreams come true, and using my life experiences to help other people. Check out what I'm up to, here: stuffnjsays.com
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