I Heart Tuesdays – Why I Write This

A couple of years ago, I came up with the idea of writing ‘I Heart Tuesdays’. Partly because one of my dreams had been to write a column – so why not do that for myself? The other was to share the experiences that I had learnt from, during my (short-ish) lifetime. I guess I’ve been dealt a very interesting hand with a bunch of different obstacles that I refuse to let hold me back, or get in my way. Continue reading

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Goodbye Switzerland, Hello New Adventures

My exit from Switzerland was a culmination of sadness and happiness. The month had been filled with new experiences, with self-realisations, with pushing through when I was struggling, and, as always, learning opportunities.

My inner scheduled self, competed with the openness of my continuation. During the final week of my stay all I had booked was a flight to Berlin. No accommodation, no research of transport, no worries…? The Beast was no help, either; it had taken over a whole corner of the room, spewing clothes and mementos. Continue reading

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I Heart Tuesdays – The Quote that Stopped Me

With all of the information in the world, with all of the print we are drenched in, with all of the media that is competing for our attention, with all of the social images to share and blogs that speak right to our hearts…

Yesterday, a little window was unlatched and I kept it wide open, letting the light shine in. Continue reading

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Cats are Just Furry Kids

I’m going to interrupt my European travel tales, for a different kind of tail. A newsworthy post, about an epiphany I had, and I just had to share – CATS ARE JUST CHILDREN, DISGUISED IN FUR!

I’ve been house-sitting around the traps, which is a perfect situation for me right now. At each house, there has been at least one cat to feed, pat, and to subconsciously perform my own feline psycho-analysis on. My studies may not be traditionally scientific, but my hypothesis is backed up with screeds of evidence. Continue reading

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I Heart Tuesdays – You do not want my Life

There are some extraordinarily good days and there are some excruciatingly bad days. In between, there feels like a range from great, to ‘meh’, through to ‘climbing out of the wrong side of bed’, days. Once, at the tail-end of the latter, I had told my flatmate “Ugh… you do not want my life.”

He responded by turning to look at me with head tilted and brow pinched, like a questioning pug. I had let everything get to me; seeping into the knots in my shoulders, making them weary and filling my brain with thunderstorms. Continue reading

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A Lake Como Retreat

My accounts of my month as a ‘Swiss Miss’ have nearly come to an end. But before I bid farewell  to the home of the creamiest butter and tastiest water, I have to divulge my mini-vacay to Italia. My host whisked us off on a girly adventure to her family’s holiday home at Lake Como. The area was a first for me, and the femme-venture was a first for her; as she’d never gone without the rest of her brood. Continue reading

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I Heart Tuesdays – Infuriate Me

Oh my gosh, I’m sooooo peeved off. I mean everything, just everything is going wrong today and it effs me off. I just need a break – seriously!

Let’s get angry at:

  • The car that didn’t merge with the road lines, and cut me off!
  • The telemarketer ringing me right when I’ve sat down for dinner.
  • The fact that I was in such a whirlwind fluster to leave this morning, because my alarm didn’t go off; that I am wearing the wrong underpants that ride up all the time and their polka dots are showing through my dress.
  • The cat’s vomited on the doorstep, and now I’ve stood in it.
  • A bird that has just shat on my newly washed car.
  • Why do the radio stations always play ads at the same fricken time?
  • The leaves that have blown all through the house and I have to pick them up.
  • My daughter who is having another tantrum over her outfit that she’s wearing today – it’s cold, but she won’t put on a jacket.
  • Why the heck would those people just stop right in front of me on the footpath? I mean, can’t they hug, to the side?!!
  • Ughhhh… the only mail that I get is bills – and all at once!
  • My husband who tried to clean the bathroom, but he can’t even do it properly. I might as well just do it all myself!
  • How I’ve been walking around with sushi rice stuck to my shirt since lunchtime, and I had an important meeting this afternoon.

Hold up, there; just for a moment. Continue reading

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I Heart Tuesdays – Why I Quit before I’ve Begun

I love a good epiphany that smacks you in the face while you are in the midst the most mundane of activities. This one is from when I was mowing the lawns last weekend; pushing that machine back and forth into a green gridded pattern.

I am a procrastinator. You know the kind, when you have all of the time in the world to do things and you make up all of the excuses in the world not to do them. These are the interruption excuses; the ‘oh I’ll just get up and make a cup of tea’ instead of continuing on my writing mojo. I am notorious for this form of self-sabotage. Continue reading

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A Mini Mother’s Day Meltdown

It’s Mother’s Day and I’ve been baking for Mum.  I made scones to say ‘I love you’, and to say ‘Thanks for housing me in your womb and pushing me out, only to have adult me living in your spare room – please don’t push me out.’

The scone baking fell flat. For the first time I actually had a ‘scone fail’. Instead of high-rising happiness, the dough pffted all over the oven tray into long blobs. This was the only day that I didn’t want to screw up scones, because I didn’t want to balls up my ‘Thank You’, to Mum. Continue reading

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I Heart Tuesdays – The Sparkling Lights of Hope

There is a lot going on in the world, there always is. But as I get older, as I learn, as I grow, as I feel, it just seems like more and more. Devastating earthquakes, riots, the impending closure of communities, death sentences, cyclones, missing kids, cancer constantly biting human lives… the list would be an endless page that rolls upon the floor and out the door. It makes my heart quiver with sadness. Continue reading

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