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The Swiss Food that I Miss

I have just been perusing my travel diary, flicking through the pages and wondering what part of my Swiss adventure that I’ll blog about next. The beard festival, Heidiland, my trip to Lake Como…?  That all went out the window … Continue reading

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The Californian Road Trip – Part 4 – Losing Myself in Las Vegas

Oh Las Vegas with your flashing neon lights and empty promises, the alcoholic playground for adults… we meet again. This part of the road trip was going to be the hardest for several reasons. It was The Gannet’s last night … Continue reading

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Stuff That’s Been Amazing Lately

Either stuff is going to get a little bit quiet around here on the blogging front or I am going to be managing my time so well that you’ll still get your twice weekly fix of stuffnjsays! Here’s the awesomeness … Continue reading

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Stuff I Love About Winter

Winter… the days seem darker, the nights are cold and that chill can whip right through to your bones and make you want walk around in an electric blanket suit. I’m not the biggest fan of freezing, or rollin’ around … Continue reading

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I Should not be in Charge of Feeding Myself

I’ve decided that sometimes I am a disgusting creature. Yesterday I went to the supermarket on an empty stomach (at dinner time), and with a craving for a small pottle of chocolate mousse. I came back with 2x large Bavarian … Continue reading

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My Secret Shames – The Alter-Ego Speaks

Oh banana splits, I’ve decided to lift the lid on my secret shames, my guilty pleasures, my isms that make me flip flop flism! Embarrassing, I know. I think my life is generally embarrassing sometimes, which makes it highly amusing … Continue reading

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Rockin’ the Fox

This morning I put on the ‘rock the fox’ dress that I’d bought in London. At the time, the French pastries that I’d been well accustomed to eating all day, every day showed themselves by pushing my stomach out of … Continue reading

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My Tribute to New York

I just found my diary from my July trip to NYC with illegible scribblings; it kinda looks like a doctor’s prescription pad. I think I tried to be tidy to begin with, but I just got caught up in a … Continue reading

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Stuff I have Learnt in France – It’s all French to me!

It’s week 3 and as much as I fall in love with all the places that I go to and want to pack up and move across the globe, France really tugs at my heart strings. I wouldn’t mind chowing … Continue reading

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A Trip to The States Part 3: Hey San Fran, I Missed Y’all!

Sleep is overrated… especially when one gets home late, tries to downsize while packing and gets an airport pick-up at 3am. Olive’s alarm bark worked a treat. This driver was a Chatty Cathy, but he soon realised that his one-sided … Continue reading

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